Saturday, February 6, 2010

New things

I haven't been writing in the blog much lately because I wanted to wait until I had something worthwhile to say about fashion.  Trouble is, I haven't really been thinking about it that much.  Certainly not in the way that helps keep a fashion blog going: sifting through the collections, trying out the current trends, and showing off cute outfits and new purchases.

Rather, I've tried to curtail my expenditures, winnow them down to an essential addition to my collection, my wardrobe and overstuffed closet.  That means that in the past month I've purchased a velvet bow tie and some yoga clothes.  Not exactly exciting stuff.

But what I have been doing is this:


Clam digging in Ocean Shores, WA.

And I'm hoping that that might be worthwhile to document.  

In future posts, this blog is likely to become more random, but perhaps more relevant.  At least to me.  And I think what drew me to fashion--beauty, identity, and being in the world--will translate in the other things I do in my real life, as they show up here.


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  1. Gorgeous. You make me miss living in the Pacific NW. Well, I always miss it.