Thursday, December 29, 2011

New wallet

It must have been something like six or seven years ago that I bought a Comme des Garcons ziparound wallet. It was a bright French blue with the classic clover design. I loved the functionality and heft of the wallet and thought my days of replacing wallets every year or so were over.

To my disappointment, this year the paint started flaking and chipping off. I'm guessing it's paint, since the leather is otherwise intact. I kinda expected more, though six years or so of daily usage is better than most.

When the crazily early and deep Netaporter sales came around before Christmas, I decided to replace that wallet with a suede A.P.C. wallet that had been marked down twice. I love how this one fits perfectly in my palm and has all kinds of little pockets for squirreling things away. I have found that it's better to have a wallet that's slightly big for your needs rather one that's overstuffed. Nothing elegant about overstuffed. (speaking of overstuffed, how was everyone's holidays? mine was good. )

So far it's been working out very well for me. It's even more incognito than the CDG wallet, which I've once had someone ask me about. Like the best A.P.C., this wallet is well thought out and quietly stylish.


  1. This is actually the most lovely purse that I have seen around over the last few months or so. I also had my eye on the 'matching' satchel, which has just been reduced - and I am procrastinating (I ultimately want a black shopper, so I dare say it shall never happen!). Currently I use a battered old Topshop purse which is so tragic that the seams are coming loose...yet I cannot seem to replace it yet, it is so incredibly functional and just the right size for me (and in a lurid red colour to boot!). Oe day we shall have to part:)

    My holidays were a tad overstuffed, although mainly thanks to chocolate, which is always acceptable, unless I am due to visit the dentist! I hope you had a wonderful time (and the first with baby too!) xxx

  2. Happy new year! I had been eyeing that exact wallet as a birthday present for a friend, so nice to get a good review. I'm only concerned about about how the light colour will hold up, since I don't own much in suede.

  3. Hello LdeL. The satchel looks so pretty too. I love purses that you can wear as a crossbody. And I did have a wonderful, quiet Christmas, trying to start some new traditions with the babe.

    Lin, It's true that the suede is already showing a patina. The latch portion is darker than the other suede. At first I wasn't sure if that was a good thing, but then I decided that I liked it. And suede does get worn down much more quickly than leather (mine had scratches pronto), but then it maintains. I have a pair of suede shoes that I've worn to hike into the backcountry (when I forgot my hiking boots like a dum dum) and it looks the same as it did years ago.

  4. It is lovely! I like that it is a shorter wallet which means that it may fit in smaller bags? I have a long Chloe Paddington wallet which I bought years ago (which is holding up VERY well) and although I love it I hate that I always need to squeeze it into my smaller bags (just on weekends though as my work bag is large). I've toyed with idea of having a weekend wallet, but I don't like the thought of having to swap cards etc between the wallets *sigh*.

  5. cats, I know what you mean about hating to swap. I hate moving between bags, let alone a wallet. This one is short, but it's also kinda chubby.