Sunday, January 29, 2012

What I didn't get: recent winter sales

Passing up Creature of Comfort's 70% sale was tough, but I had already resolved that my Autumn/Winter expenditures were done. This winter has been mild, so I don't need any more woolens. Here's what I didn't get:
  • Repetto BB flats in grey suede. This was the toughest call, since it was marked down to $92, but I wasn't sure about the sizing and I already have two pairs of Repettos in my closet that I hardly wear. In the back of my mind I'd like to duplicate the elegant look of classic flats with dresses and skirts that I've seen others pull off with such aplomb, but I have shoes that will serve that purpose adequately for now. At least until I know if I'll be wearing that kind of outfit more often or not.
  • Wood Wood Adrian shirt in long and half sleeve. This striped shirt had been well reviewed by others, but I decided I didn't need another striped shirt. The fit seems like something you'd have to try on in person, since it looks to be cut close at the boatneck but looser in the body.
  • A.P.C. bucket bag. I have a weakness for bags, but when I thought about scenarios where a casual canvas bag would be appropriate, I realized I already had other bags that I'd probably reach for first.


  1. I too had an eye on the apc bucket bags - the ochre colour. The sales were such a terrible temptation, but I didn't give in after all, even with apc, which is nothing short of a miracle - although it may have a lot more to do with my current clothing budget having been previously exhausted - but the sense of completion is almost as pleasurable as the joy of acquiring new things.
    Repetto's are next on my list. I have heard so many conflicting opinions about them, which possibly explains why I have stalled so far. Sizing issues, and not being able to try them on remain a problem!

    And regarding the striped shirt....I am not quite certain that any of us possess the ability to know where to stop! Haha, I have come to consider myself a victim of the striped shirt:)

  2. Congratulations. I skipped their sale in the spring and this fall and honestly, while there were things I liked, I knew that I didn't need them. Shoes are so tricky to buy long distance and I think we all have so many striped shirts at this point, lovely as they are. I'm trying to buy only those pieces I really need, that will either last a long while (my Tocca coat and blouse) or will wear to death (cashmere sweaters from J Crew and Club Monaco). I'm trying to reeducate myself--spending on sale items isn't saving, it's spending.

  3. Lapin, I didn't know the bucket bag came in the ochre color. I'll be interested to see what Repettos you end up with. Whatever happened to your Ferragamos?

    Moya, you're so right about spending on sale items being still spending. I have to remind myself of that all the time. I read about the marketing principle called "anchor pricing" where sellers advertise some high MSRP but sell the items for cheaper because the idea of a bargain encourages people to buy.