Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Modus operandi

Rather than working from a list, I find the most successful purchases are made when I simply give in to some intense, inexplicable desire.  That's how I find the mainstays of my wardrobe, the objects that give me joy to wear.  These I'll end up wearing them again and again.  It's when I try to consciously fill a hole in my wardrobe that I end up getting something that's wrong or uninspired.

So a pink terry cloth jumpsuit is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of "capsule wardrobe" or "French method" of dressing, but I circled around this item for so long and so often that I knew it might work out.  It's from Wood Wood, a Danish design company that makes clothes with just the right amount of quirky.

I figure if I don't end up liking it when it arrives in the mail from Creatures of Comfort, I'll just wear it around the house.  I like wearing one pieces that I just haul on and forget about.  The boy hates them, though.  :P


  1. So true, you just read my mind. The last pieces I have added to my wardrobe was through this kind of inexplicable desire. And I will always love these items. Even though I make a list over things I need to fullfil my wardrobe, I never purchase them. I need to be obsessed!

    And I think capsule wardrobe and french method of shopping is something personal. Yeah, there are some unwritten rules, but in the end it's all about how you personally see the item.

    I think the jumpsuit looks great. Nothing I would wear but if it works for you: kudos!

  2. Dead Fleurette,

    I'm glad to hear that others operate by the same impractical methods. My boyfriend told me the other day that I'm a totally impulsive shopper. I'd like to say that it's more instinctual than impulsive, but whatever.

  3. You just spelled out what I have been afraid to admit to myself. I have observed it on far too many occasions that if I am obsessed with something, no matter how quirky, strange or impractical it might seem at first sight, I end up loving and wearing it to bits. I guess our subconscious really knows best. :)

  4. Yes! The only problem is that lust sometimes feels an awful lot like the subconscious speaking!