Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three Thoughts

I think it's important to know your own body if you're going to find a minimal wardrobe that fits your personal style.  Those essentials lists that periodically show up--usually with a white button down and black dress at the top of the list--are as misleading and dogmatic as trend predictions are.

When I saw these pics from the Venetia Scott for Margaret Howell F/W 10 collection, I immediately admired the model's sleek equestrian beauty.  I suddenly wanted some demure plaid skirts and drapey button downs for my own closet.  But then I remembered that below-the-knee skirts never work on me.  Or at least, they do not have the same cool, graceful effect as they do on this tall, whippet-thin, doe-eyed girl.

My third thought was that when I see someone who seems to know exactly what works on her body, temperament, and lifestyle--as this look projects--the total effect is mesmerizing.


  1. I agree so much. For example, think knee-high stockings are pretty on some girls, but I know that it doesn't look good on me at all. I'm adding you to my links!

  2. I'm afraid knee high socks have moved into the realm of "things better left alone" for me, too, unless I style them very carefully.

    Here are the only ways they still work on me:
    -long black socks with black knee boots and a dark skirt

    -or long socks over sheer hose (I haven't tried this one yet, but I might this winter)

    Thanks for the add! I love your photos. I've recently picked up my camera again and am falling in love with photography all over again.

  3. this is exactly my problem. i have all of these lovely pieces i would love to own, that would go so well with items in my wardrobe, then i remember that i do not look like a waif; in fact, i have somehow managed to blossom into a woman in the past 3 years and i've NO CLUE how to dress this new body. not only this, but the items currently in my arsenal have seemingly warped themselves into 'too snug here' or 'too loose there' or just 'good heavens, WHY do i own this?'.
    clearly, my fall list of staples will be a bit more extensive than others as i now try to figure out what the hell to put on my body so i don't look lumpy or frumpy. :)

  4. Pennerad, I can really sympathize with your dilemma. A lot of my preoccupation with fashion and style centers around how to adjust to the changes in your body and your life as you age. It's exactly in that sense that I feel clothes is a way of managing how to be in the world.