Sunday, May 22, 2011

Digital Harinezumi

Introducing my favorite new accessory: the digital Harinezumi, a toy camera from Japan designed to replicate the look of old photographs and Super 8 film. It's about the size of an old 110 camera, takes photos and video, and can also convert into black and white photography. I figure since I enjoy my Lomo LC-A so much, it would be nice to have another lo-fi camera that takes pics in digital format. This one is small enough to carry with me every day for incidental pictures, like the one above from an end-of-the-year graduate picnic on the lake. The top two pics are just random everyday photographs.

Not me. Part of the Japanese ad campaign, originally posted at the Four Corner Store.
I got the case for it because I plan to be wearing this camera every day and wanted some protection for it, since it's so tiny. And, to be honest, it's just plain adorable.

There's a little hedgehog stamped on the top and a tiny compartment for a spare battery. (harinezumi means hedgehog in Japanese)

It's funny, but I feel much less anxious about purchasing expensive gear than I do clothes. Not sure why that is.


  1. Oh I am in love! Where can you buy one? Thank you.

  2. I'll link you to the Four Corner Store. The one I have is the Harinezumi 2, but the latest is the Harinzumi 2+++ which allows you to choose different color washes, stay in black and white, and turn off the sound in the video. If you want it, you should hurry because it has been discontinued due to production issues.

    Also, you can check out more photos on the alternate blog I started (and may eventually announce here),

  3. I have an LC-A+, which has broken. I hadn't thought about it in a long time- but seeing this post makes me want it back! I should send it to get repaired.

  4. asha, you should! They're fun. But mine goes out of rotation periodically, too.

  5. I'm trying to figure out how to transfer harinezumi images onto my Macbook. I got the kit that includes the micro SD card and the card reader for USB but there are no instructions on how to use the card reader. I'd appreciate any help...thanks! Pam Hart

  6. Pam, I just wrote out a long ol' response and lost it. So let me try again. Remove the micro card from the camera and insert into the reader/adapter. You may have to experiment to see which side goes in, but you'll see that one side will slide more fully into the reader. Then plug the reader into your USB. My iPhoto automatically launches and asks me if I'd like to download. I can't remember now if I had to first do it manually. If so, I think I would have gone into File and chosen "Import into Library." One annoying thing to note is that my Hari pics import under the wrong date, so you too may find the pics out of order under your iPhoto Events. Good luck! Let me know if you need more help.