Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things I didn't buy

Taking a cue from Frockstyle, I'll post a few things that didn't make the cut, though my tax refund was burning a hole in my pocket.

Abercrombie shorts. Though I can't bring myself to enter the stores, I like the fit of their pants and shorts. And I've liked the look of a pair of short shorts with oversized tops since I saw an editorial in Vogue mixing the high and low, or maybe it's just the tacky Jessica-Simpsonesque Texan in me. But the low rise of these shorts turns out to be very practical for a baby belly. And while I can still (just barely) button into the size 0s in my closet, I thought sizing up would be better. Still, I decided not to purchase another pair because summers look like they'll be fleeting, and I wouldn't get much use out of them.

Free People Fit N Flare dress. In the reviews, customers complained about the voluminous cutaway around the ribs, so I thought this dress might be perfect for the next few months. But I really didn't like the mottled vertical stripes.

APC Tiered Floral Dress. I love me some dark floral print, but summer is just too short.


  1. It's funny you should post this today as I'm probably going to post something similar soon. It feels good not to spend and I woke up this morning feeling a huge sense of relief that I didn't buy a dress yesterday. And I am sure the Abercrombie shorts will go on sale anyway--and maybe by then you won't want them (as is so often the case).

  2. I think our buying style is the same, judging by your recent posts. Lots of analysis, and then we chuck it out the window once we find something we love!

    The shorts are on sale, but now I think they're not what I want. Perhaps a pair from J.Crew would be better, with its slightly boxier shape.

  3. Definitely! I analyze things to death and then splurge, but I am trying to reign myself in as I realize some of the things I love don't love me back. And I'm hoping to remove the clutter and save for the future, so I don't want to have more unnecessary items. That said, when my favorite cashmere sweaters go on sale, or I find a dress I love, my resolve tends to fly away.

  4. Yes. I think it'll help if I just remember the end goal. Reading various books on wardrobe-building helps me strengthen my resolve.